fredag den 15. marts 2013

Next live performances.

Dead Instrument will support Repulsion on the 10th of May in Copenhagen's Pumpehuset. Also playing that night will be our very good friends from Undergang!!!

European dates with Meth Drinker:

May 18th: Berlin, Kastanienkeller (w/ Graves at Sea)
May 19th: Mannheim, Pfingstfest
May 20th: Zürich, TBA
May 21st: Offenburg, Kessel
May 22nd: Brussels, The Bunker
May 23rd: SHOW NEEDED!!! (please contact Raw Birth Records)
May 24th: Aarhus, Troejborg beboerhus
May 25th Copenhagen, Raw Birth Records Showcase at Ungdomshuset (w/ Bottom Feeder and Dogmatist)


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