lørdag den 13. juli 2013

Recent, Current and Future Activities...

We recently returned from playing a string of shows with the perpetually amazing METH DRINKER. We had a fucking blast to say the least! (If you ever get a chance to experience these guys live be sure not to miss out. And if you don't own any of their recordings, you're simply in the wrong...)
New recordings for our upcoming EP have also been done. The title of the release will be "See Through Negative", and if everything runs according to plan it will hit the streets, through Raw Birth Records (!!!), in the early days of autumn. (The recording session was conducted by Lasse at Subversive Studios, and we can can hardly sing enough praises for this guy. A pleasure to work with, and one of those rare proficient technicians with a keen sense of noisy and aggressive music...highly recommended!) 
As far as future plans go we are beyond stoked to announce that we will be hitting the road with P.L.F. next year!!! Shows are currently being booked (see contact information below), and a split release will be issued in time for the tour. 

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